10 January

Here in the north of England it is cold. There are no two ways about it, if I am not scraping ice off my windscreen then I am trying to stand up in a howling gale or dodging puddles. I also live in a very old house, parts of it date back to 1273 and there is only so much you can do to heat and insulate a house built in the days when putting the heating on meant throwing another log on the fire and another dog on the bed.

Consequently I have a tendency to look a little like Nanook of the North when writing. I have sheepskin slippers, thick socks and a somewhat unflattering, but exceptionally warm, slankit (a sort of blanket with sleeves). At this time of year those of us in the northern hemisphere crawl under blankets, wrap ourselves up and tell ourselves that warmth and comfort are more important than appearances. Whilst that may well be true, there is no reason why we cannot have a little something about our person that is uplifting and reminds us that there is a gorgeous person lurking under all those layers.

My preferred option is statement jewellery. I have a bit of a thing for big necklaces and pendants. Today I am wearing a big chunky silver heart, it’s hard to miss and I love it. It reminds me that even if I am at home all day writing and nobody will see me bar my family and the dogs I can still make a little bit of an effort.

Many of you will be familiar with The Flylady, who has helped millions of people keep on top of their housework and organisation. She has a rule that when you get up you must put on your shoes, proper shoes (she prefers lace ups). Her rationale is that once you have got yourself in order, up and fully dressed then you are in the right mindset to put your house in order.

Whether it is shoes, make up, jewellery or a funky hairstyle each morning have at least one thing that tells you and those around you. “I may be wearing a jumper the size of a house and socks knitted out of Yeti wool, but I am a stunner and I know it.” It’s amazing the difference it makes.

2 thoughts on “10 January

    • Exactly. Today I thought I was in easy/slightly slobby clothes and was told by my fashion maven 16 year twins that I was looking cool…!