10 February

Today is taste day. Don’t worry, I am not going to ask you to lick your table or chew on your shower curtain. I am going to ask you to get that notebook of yours out. It shouldn’t take long to find because you keep it by you at all times…. don’t you ?

Taste everything you eat and drink today. Write in your notebook what it tasted like, its flavour and texture. If it is something you have never had before do you like it? Was it how you thought it would be from its appearance?   If it is something you eat or drink regularly, stop and note what it is like. Do you really like it or are you consuming it just because you always do?

We look after two dogs for a friend each week. One of them is a puppy and she goes quite bonkers when she eats. In fact I am not sure that she eats as such, she opens her mouth and inhales all in one go. I cannot believe she has any idea what it tastes like, it doesn’t stay long enough in her mouth for her taste buds to even wake from their slumber let alone process the information being shot at them.

Do you eat like that? Do you have lunch at your desk and continue working or flick through social media? If somebody swapped your ham and cheese roll for smoked salmon and cream cheese would you notice?

Eat mindfully today. Notice what you are eating, notice if you like it or not and why. You might find some wonderful new flavours if you open your taste buds.

One thought on “10 February

  1. Your second sentence made me laugh out loud! Thanks for that.
    This post reminded me of the few times where I have had a drink and then sat it down while talking to someone or watching TV. At some point I have returned to the drink, but not looked at it, and somehow thought there was a different type of drink in the glass, such that when I tasted it again I got a big shock!