12 January

Virginia Woolf maintained that every woman should have a room of her one. Personally I rather thought she was underselling herself, I think utter bliss would be to have a tiny cottage of my own. Large enough for me but too small for anyone to come and visit other than for an hour or so, certainly no spare bedroom! Unfortunately, most of us are not in a position to own our own little hidey hole, we may not even have the space for a room of our own. But we can usually find a small corner of the house that we can claim as ours.

It might be as small as a windowsill where you can pull up a chair; it might be a whole corner of a room or a chair by a fireplace. Find a place where you can be left in peace even if only for a few moments.

Make it your space. Perhaps there are flowers you love; a picture or an ornament. Maybe you like scented candles or incense. Possibly there is a book you love to dip in and out of or a favourite magazine. Gather the things that give you peace and joy and arrange them in your corner. If your corner is too small or there are little children or other prying fingers that might spoil them, then find a pretty box or basket to keep them in.

When you need to recharge don’t try and fit in one more chore whilst the children are asleep or the dinner is cooking. Take ten minutes in your corner and enjoy the things that make you smile.