Corporate Support

What are you doing to protect your Greatest Asset?

Are your staff passionate about your business?

Do you staff get up on a Monday morning excited about coming to work?

If not, we can change that.

Supercharge your Team

In the fast changing corporate world keeping your staff up to date with changes, keeping them excited and enthusiastic about the work they do and encouraging innovation and ideas can be hard for business leaders. Corporate leaders have multiple streams of information to manage and if staff are ticking along okay it is easy to let them be.

However, your staff are your greatest asset and whilst you know that asset is walking out every evening to go home you want to make sure that the asset is coming back again in the morning and more importantly is coming back in the morning with passion.

We offer tailor made workshops and team building events that are designed to encourage all staff, of all levels to work together and have fun. To laugh and discover the advantages of laughter in the workplace. To make mistakes without being afraid and to learn from those mistakes. To get excited by innovation and playing with new ideas.

Ready To Make A Start?

One off sessions
Half Day £300 for up to 20 participants
Full day £550 for up to 20 participants
Travel outside City of Durham and preparation charged in addition
Ongoing programmes can be designed on request.

Claire Says

“Thank you Gillian for your insight, creativity and passion. I only wish I’d found you sooner!”

Are you ready to take the first step? Excellent. Then let’s get started.

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