Fill your lungs and sing out loud

Fill your lungs and sing out loud

Have you been to a Carol Service or Concert yet?  I have two coming up this week.  My children are long past the age of Nativity plays and tomorrow will be the last school concert I go to.  However, there are always plenty of concerts and services around at this time of year and I love them, particularly the opportunity to sing out loud with hundreds of other voices

It occurred to me the other day, whilst singing a hymn, that most of us will know hundreds and hundreds of songs.  For some of us that will include several  hundred hymns, then there are all the songs you learned as a child, from My Bonny lies over the ocean to Ten Green Bottles.  Certainly anyone of a certain age will have a huge repertoire of “car songs”, singing and I Spy being pretty much the only entertainment on long car journeys.  Then there are the songs that your parents listened to.  In my childhood there was precious little to watch on television but the radio and record player were in constant use and I know most of the back catalogue of The Corries, The Dubliners and The Spinners as a result.

All you need to hear are the opening bars of a song you know and even if you can’t remember all the words, the memory of that song is so firmly imprinted in your brain that you know every note before it is played.  It will probably also come with a raft of memories, evoking emotions at the drop of a hat.

Find a Christmas concert or carol service near you and let yourself sing out all those old favourites, fill your lungs and sing out loud.

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