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18th December 2015 “‘Tis the season to be jolly fala lala la la la la la”,  or perhaps your shepherds are washing their socks while the three kings of Leicester Square are busy selling ladies undergarments.  Whatever your feelings about Christmas, whether you are Christian or not you cannot avoid the sounds of Christmas songs ... Read More

Moving on

Moving on not going away. Those patient readers who have followed Onepairofshoesatatime over our journey towards less will have noticed that I have not posted in a long time.  This is because I have been developing my new business and Onepairofshoes has served its purpose – that of encouraging me to be transparent about our ... Read More


Apologies for the temporary silence.  I am on holiday with my family.  Normal service will be resumed at the end of July.  Meanwhile happy Summer holidays to the Northern Hemisphere and Enjoy the Winter to the Southern 🙂

who’s wealthy now? money no object?

I don’t blog about politics and my personal politics are not up for airing in public, at least not here.  But UK readers cannot fail to have been aware of the terrible flooding that has devastated vast swathes of the country.   Having been flooded, indeed that was the reason I started this blog in the ... Read More

thank you

Thank you for joining me this year.  Whether you lurk or post you are just as welcome.  Here in the UK we have six hours until 2014.  Some of you may already be welcoming the new year and some of you will have almost a whole day to go.  Wherever you are I wish you ... Read More


onepairofshoesatatime is currently enjoying a low key low wardrobe holiday in Turkey (one small suitcase including suncreams etc I was very proud 🙂 )  Blogging will resume on my return in early August.


Now that the kitchen cupboards are clean and sparkly and spacious it is time to tackle the drawers.  People buy me kitchen gadgets and thingamybobs.  How many measuring spoons do I need?  Please, I don’t want any more, or measuring cups or weird ladles.  It took only 40 minutes to turn mess and into order. ... Read More