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Part of the decluttering process is finding alternative ways to meet essential needs.  I have always been fascinated by herbal medicine and though I know a bit about the basics I would like to learn more.  I have played around with making lotions and potions and soaps but the driving force, the one that says ... Read More

more please

When I started this journey I had only one thing on my mind – to get rid of all the stuff that was irritating the hell out of me.  Perhaps I thought that once I had done that my life would be sorted.  Much like the “if I lose 20lb/get a new job/earn another £10,000/get ... Read More


It’s been almost a month since we began to let go.  What have I achieved?  What have I learned? We have given away or sold more stuff than I even knew we owned.  Cupboards have been emptied, drawers dynamited and corners swept.  But it doesn’t feel enough.  There is so much more I want to go. ... Read More

letting go

de·clut·ter /ˈdēklətər/ Verb Remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place) That could include what? wardrobe kitchen cupboards dvd collection garage desk   The list is endless.  But what about: blogroll Facebook “friends” Christmas card list to do list bucket list hobbies tv programme must watch list obligations   They fall into two main ... Read More