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15 February

By now I hope you are getting to know yourself, what you like, which senses you use most and are starting to build an idea of what makes your heart sing. Singing is something I do a lot, I don’t mean I waltz across the stage at the Royal Opera House or I give it ... Read More

14 February

St Valentine’s Day. A day of high profit for florists, chocolate makers and purveyors of cards with hearts all over them. A day of misery for every young teenager who doesn’t get a card, even one from their Mum or Dad. Three separate Valentines are honoured on 14 February, and little is known about any ... Read More

13 February

I heard on the radio yesterday that, according to the Meteorological Office the end of February officially marks the end of winter. By now, even in the north of England, there are signs that Spring is on its way. The snowdrops are starting to peep through and the catkins are floating in the wind. There ... Read More

12 February

Now you have worked your way through the five senses and hopefully have identified the things that you enjoy, and indeed don’t enjoy it is time to apply your new found knowledge. Return to the room that you cuddled a few days ago. Move around, sit down, lie on the floor, or the bed or ... Read More

11 February

So finally we come to hearing. What sounds surround you? Do you choose them or are they inflicted upon you? Right now I can hear the gentle rumble of the heater, the chirruping of my daughter’s parrot and the flapping of her wings as she flies around me. There is the sound of the tapping ... Read More

10 February

Today is taste day. Don’t worry, I am not going to ask you to lick your table or chew on your shower curtain. I am going to ask you to get that notebook of yours out. It shouldn’t take long to find because you keep it by you at all times…. don’t you ? Taste ... Read More

9 February

As we are working our way through the senses today we are looking at touch. Stop what you are doing right now and touch the things around you. The surface that your computer is on. The clothes you are wearing. The seat upon which you are sitting. The floor beneath your feet. What do they ... Read More

8 February

Moving on from colour. What can you smell? And most importantly do you like it? Scent preference is highly personal Some smells, generally considered to be unpleasant such as petrol or sweat are favourite odours, whilst other people find the smell of some flowers for example highly unpleasant. My children love the smell of ironing. ... Read More

7 February

As I write there are 34 minutes until sunset. The days are getting longer but it is a bit of a wait until we are at the stage of long languid summer evenings. However, instead we are blessed with the most magical light. The fields are almost golden. If I didn’t know that it was ... Read More

6 February

How have you been getting on with your empty surfaces? Have you put much back or have you discovered that the space is appealing. I discovered that there were some ornaments that I had, which on closer inspection did absolutely nothing for me at all. In fact, their absence was attractive.   They no longer clogged ... Read More