Artist’s Date

Artist’s Date

Today I went on an Artist’s Date.  The idea is to woo your inner artist or perhaps your inner child. Whatever you want to call that part of you that is bursting with ideas but is never allowed to put them into action because the “sensible” you says they are not practical/realistic/financially worthwhile/blah blah blah, this is the part that needs to be given some fresh air.



Today I am taking myself up to Dipton to the Keeper’s Cafe for a morning with my Leonie Dawson Workbook and my jar of pens. Together with a bunch of equally bonkers and imaginative women I am going to plan my glorious, whacky and adventurous future.




What could you do? Phew – the list is endless, but here are some ideas. Go for a walk somewhere you have never been before, soak up the environment and experience it without words, just be in it. Bake a wild and whacky cake, decorate it with the entire contents of the sweet shop – eat cake smile emoticon If you work in a city take your lunchbreak in a local museum or gallery. Block out an hour of your busy day to sit somewhere comfortable with a book you have been longing to read. Go to the cinema on your own to see that film that nobody else wants to see. Volunteer at a local animal shelter/food bank/retirement home. Take a book out of the library and have a go at learning that language you have always talked about. Do what I did yesterday and plan your dream holiday….. whatever it is – JUST DO IT

If you would like a wonderful planner just like mine then check this out 🙂