Ship Shape

Get Ship Shape this September

Get yourself Ship Shape and Sorted with  my Free Guide

Feeling a bit out of control after the summer holiday?  Finding it hard to get back into a routine?  Is everything just a little out of control?  Struggling to get yourself ship shape again?

Fear not!  In just one morning you can create your very own Master Manual and always be in control and ship shape fashion!  Don’t let Christmas creep up on you unawares, have everything sorted and sit back and enjoy yourself instead.

My new school year gift to you, the ultimate guide to keeping you sane

  • Step by step guide
  • Examples you can copy
  • Lists of everything you need to record
  • How to set up a monthly schedule

Would you like to…

  • Never forget a birthday again
  • Never again have to search high and low for your house insurance policy.
  • Never be the parent who loses the school trip letter.
  • Be the  master of your house and free up that stress time for something more fun!

What are you waiting for?

Love Gillie x

If you’ve no time then it’s TIME to Change! 

Get yourself Ship Shape this September with my FREE master manual guide. Let me take you step by step through the process of becoming in control again.

Claire Says

“In essence I’m moving from chaos to calm. Instead of looking around my home and feeling frazzled and guilty I am feeling calm and rejuvenated. The stress I had been feeling is evaporating now that I am feeling more in control and much more capable of creating the home that me and my family deserve.
Thank you Gillian”

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Kathryn Says

“”Gillian is a warm, zealous and enthusiastic individual and life coach with true zest for life. She is also an inspiring mover and shaker with enviable life balance across all areas,”

Kate Says

“Thanks a million you glorious lady
Wow. What a wise counsellor you are!

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