Monthly Archives: February 2015

5 February

After the shock of yesterday I have been keeping a close eye on River. She appears much recovered, has developed a passion for scrambled egg and, fortunately, is showing no interest in her stitches. Even in our rather large house a Newfoundland with a massive lampshade collar would be somewhat inconvenient for everyone including River. ... Read More

4 February

Sometimes a little thing happens that doesn’t seem all that important but has a massive impact on our lives. Today that little thing was a piece of cloth our Newfoundland ate. We didn’t know she had eaten it and I have never been so grateful that River has a fondness for socks. She had been ... Read More

3 February

Yesterday was Imbolc and this really should have been yesterday’s post. Forgive me please for being a day behind. It is the celebration of the beginning of spring. If, like me, you are still surrounded by snow and ice and the thermometer only occasionally goes above zero, you could be forgiven for thinking that rather ... Read More

2 February

Do you have an evening routine? Does it go something like this:  Eat supper whilst watching the news on the television. Put plates in the dishwasher Pull shirt from washing pile and iron it for tomorrow Pour another glass of wine Collapse in front of television Crawl up to bed Toss and turn Finally fall ... Read More

1 February

This month we are going to continue the theme of simplicity, stripping down to the core of who we are, identifying the real you. For only then can we move on to discover what makes our hearts sing and live the life that fulfils, develops, nurtures and grows. Do you remember being told off for ... Read More

31 January

Earlier this month I asked to you try and create a new habit. On the 9th of January I asked you to slow down, to stop trying to do everything, to stop multitasking and to do one thing at a time and do it well. As I said yesterday we are told it takes 21 ... Read More