Monthly Archives: January 2015

29 January

Today we are going to look at the physical stuff that irritates us. Do you remember that shelf you cleared? How did it feel to have that space? I find it quite liberating to be able to look across a room and not see things everywhere but to be able to see the surfaces, appreciate ... Read More

28 January

As I write I can hear the gentle snores of our Newfoundland. She is a genuine gentle giant and I am sure she thinks she is a good deal smaller than she actually is. However, her large size does mean that she snores more and more loudly than our smaller dogs. Somehow her snoring doesn’t ... Read More

27 January

One of the most beautiful things at this time of the year is the way that the light changes how everything looks. The trees may be bare, the fields are muddy, the streets are grey and even the daffodils and snowdrops have yet to break through and add some colour to the world. But almost ... Read More

25 January

Today is a soup kind of day. Not too cold, not exactly wet but damp and grey. I need something to cuddle me from the inside. I also do not want to have to go out or spend any money. Vegetable soup it is. An inventory of the vegetable rack, pantry and fridge has revealed ... Read More

24 January

It’s the little things that weigh us down. We have all heard the adage that it was the hair that broke the camel’s back, it was the last straw and so on. It is the last tiny thing that makes us go “AAGH!” So today is the day of little things. Put your hand in ... Read More

23 January

  Whilst hibernation is, I believe, essential to prepare oneself for Spring, it is not a time to hunker down and stay under the covers until Easter. Unlike animals which enter a genuine state of hibernation with a drastic lowering of body temperature, reduction in heart rate and breathing and much reduced consciousness, the hibernation ... Read More

22 January

Sleep. It can be a touchy subject. Insomnia, late nights, essay crises, alarm clocks, early starts. Just writing that list made me a bit twitchy. We all know that a good night’s sleep is essential to good health. I know I can tell the difference in the morning if I have slept well, and so ... Read More