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my own medicine

I recently gave advice about how to declutter your wardrobe.  How to stand back from the emotion, guilt and downright exhaustion that leads you to let stuff you will never wear put down roots the size of Japanese Knot Weed in your wardrobe. This weekend I took my advice.  I thought I had taken my ... Read More

the witch in the wardrobe

We addressed the thorny issue of how to declutter books and cupboards a week or so ago.  Today we are going to tackle the wardrobe.  The place which can date you as accurately as a slice through a tree trunk. Once again I do not advocate the “a little at a time” approach.  Get it all out.  ... Read More


I have not fallen off the edge of the planet (despite the prayers of many no doubt) I have been preserving and catching up with all those little jobs that have the ability to turn into thwacking great monsters if I don’t keep on top of them. I am on top of them.  So life, ... Read More

what about you?

Decluttering books has been possibly the most controversial thing I have done.  I have written a full post about it here.  However, it is still something that rises hackles when I mention it and has got me wondering about why. The answer is, I think, not a pleasant one.  Essentially book hoarders fall into four ... Read More

any way you want

Before I go any further can I make two things quite clear. There is no right or wrong way to do it I have still got a LONG way to go. That was in response to all the lovely people who have asked my advice on decluttering, people who have read my blog and said, ... Read More


If I don’t get a grip this will turn into a recipe blog.  Fear not, the usual abnormal and bonkers service will resume tomorrow but today I have been tweaking my apron strings.  It is that time of year, all good downshifters are filling their larders with jars and bottles.  The harvest is astonishing.  One ... Read More
project smellie – the review

project smellie – the review

All good project managers have regular reviews so I thought it was time to review our declutter project.  Unfortunately as I am a rubbish project manager I haven’t written a project plan or overview.  I had no particular goals other than “get stuff out”.  I had no timescale other than a vague idea that if ... Read More


I had a eureka moment this summer.  Actually that’s a lie, it was more of an aaaaaaaaaah realisation moment.  One of those moments when stuff that has always seemed a bit out of kilter suddenly makes perfect sense. I have always thought of myself as an autumn/winter person.  The kind of person who loves snuggling ... Read More